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Try the train trip for children from Hinge Centre hosted by Yorkshire Coast CRP

The Yorkshire Coast Community Rail Partnership (CRP) have facilitated and funded a day out by train to Scarborough for a group of 11 children and staff from the Hinge Centre in Bridlington.

The Hinge Centre is a small, locally focused charity based in the Bridlington area. The centre aims to provide support, guidance, services, and opportunities to those facing social and financial deprivation.

On Wednesday 24 August, three of the YCCRP’s volunteers – Rachel Osborne, Roger Gaitley and Barry Appleby – welcomed the group at Bridlington Station and spent some time chatting and getting to know them. The children had questions about trains and the line, which Rachel, Roger and Barry were very happy to answer. The three volunteers then saw the group onto the Scarborough train, made sure they all had seats together and waved them off.

The whole experience proved to be a great treat for the children, many of whom had never been on a train before. Barry contacted the group later in the day to find out how they were getting on. They had been blessed with perfect weather and so made the most of it, visiting many of Scarborough’s attractions such as the beach, the cliff lift and Peasholm Park.

Rachel Osborne, YCCRP Secretary, said: “The idea for the Hinge trip came from one of our members – Barry. He lives in Bridlington and the Hinge charity is close to his heart.

“As a CRP, we have been looking at our own aims and trying to find more ways to work with and involve local communities along the route of our line. So, when Barry suggested we fund and facilitate a train trip for some of the children that Hinge work with, we all thought it was a great idea.”

The staff from the Hinge Centre were also very keen to work with the YCRP again on future community projects. Rachel said: “Now that we have established a working relationship with this charity, we hope that we will be able to involve them in more projects in the future. Ideas were briefly discussed with them, such as the children doing some artwork for us as part of a competition, and they were all keen to be involved.”

Richard Isaac, Community and Sustainability Manager for Northern, said: “A huge thank you to all the volunteers involved with this trip. It is fantastic to see the rail community coming together to support local communities on the East Coast.

“You all will have created memories that will be with these young people forever.”

For more information about the Hinge Centre and the work they do supporting the most vulnerable in the community, visit their website. You can also keep up to date with the latest projects and events from the YCCRP via their Facebook and Twitter channels.