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Urban fox artwork turning heads at Birmingham’s Wylde Green Station

A foxy art addition to a West Midlands Railway station is turning heads in Birmingham.

The spectacular mural – named ‘Urban Fox’ – was commissioned by the Friends of Wylde Green Station and completed by Birmingham-based artist Annatomix.

The fox was selected as the main feature of the artwork as part of the Friends’ mission to develop a more ecologically-friendly station by supporting and encouraging nature.

The station is surrounded by urban gardens and two 300m long green corridors which attract many urban foxes who visit the station regularly, making the perfect inspiration for the artwork.

The volunteers have planted 36 new lavender bushes at the station and have more projects planned in the near future to see Wylde Green station bloom.

Nikki Wright, from the Friends of Wylde Green Station, said: “The Urban Fox is a stunning art installation created by a passionate Birmingham artist that has brightened a previously dark corner of Wylde Green station. As our first commission, we are thrilled at the visual impact and positivity it has already created within the community.”

Urban Fox artist Annatomix said: “It was an honour to be asked to paint on West Midlands Railway’s lovely brickwork. Old brick is probably my favourite surface to paint on as the natural, weathered tones provide an excellent background for bold colours.

“This wall not only has character but great shape. It’s a lot bigger than it looks at first glance and it’s very curved so I took the opportunity to create an anamorphic image. When you stand on the footpath, the fox appears in proportion however as you move closer, the lines become stretched and distorted.”