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Engage with the wide range of educational needs in your community

At the Community Rail Education Network meeting on Thursday 14 September, Dave Savage from Community Rail Lancashire shared some of his key learnings from leading Avanti West Coast’s Feel Good Field Trips project. View the presentation slides here.

The next Education Network meeting will be held on Thursday 19 October and will focus on engaging with the wide range of needs within communities. The session will include presentations from Katie Douglas, Accessibility and Inclusion Officer at Community Rail Lancashire, Pete Dickson from Train4Rail, Therese Hammond from Kent CRP, Emilie Dawson, Learning Manager at Platform Rail, and Sheila Davidson from the Friends of Hindley Station.

The Education Network is open to anyone with an interest in railway education. If you would like to join the Network and attend any of the upcoming meetings, or if you have any education or youth engagement matters you would like to discuss, please contact Karen Bennett on

All notes and recordings from previous meetings are available to view on the Education Network website, using generic username ‘Education Network’ and password ‘Z9Y2L79aGjvdYMSE2Khc#80A’.