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Encouraging and enabling modal shift through community engagement

Revisit our ‘Encouraging and enabling modal shift through community engagement’ webinar. This online session takes an in-depth look at how community rail can support modal shift from private car use to rail, other public transport, and active travel, highlighting community-led activity alongside initiatives from the wider rail industry, government and beyond.

It considers the insights community rail can offer and the potential role the movement can play in delivering the community engagement and empowerment needed to encourage modal shift. The aim is to highlight the current opportunities to develop and maximise the benefits of an integrated, multi-modal transport network, and discuss how members can work effectively to make an impact locally to support positive behaviour change.




Downloadable resources

The bigger picture – why community rail should aim to make a difference

Richard Walker, Decarbon8

Putting behavioural insights into practice

Jools Townsend, Community Rail Network