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Connecting and empowering our diverse communities

Revisit our ‘Connecting and empowering our diverse communities’ webinar. This online session takes an in-depth look at how we can most effectively connect with and empower our diverse communities, asking the question “Do we step out of our comfort zone and ensure we’re connecting with representative groups in our communities?”

Our case studies provide insights and inspiration on key approaches that can ensure wider engagement across groups that are often underrepresented in community rail, aiming for true community representation.


Downloadable resources

Better Community Engagement 

Joe Green, Third Sector Network

Coventry Community Day – engaging and empowering the community

Julia Singleton-Tasker, Heart of England CRP

Shared Vision Meetings to empower community changemakers

Dawn Lyle, 4TheRegion

Getaway project 

Faatimah Bham, Gloucestershire CRP